Maxi Harness Pro Tower; Auslift 915013

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Maxi Harness Pro Tower Code:915013, Medium-2XL; Auslift

The MaxiPro Tower Harness is an innovative design allowing the user full adjustment of the chest, legs and position of the Dorsal D-Ring that fits more users, more comfortably. believe that webbing to adjustment relationship is critical to happy users, as well as the ease of putting on the harness. With this in mind we designed the MaxiPro Tower to be what the workforce is looking for. In the event of a fall, the durable polyester webbing distributes the impact evenly over the thighs, torso and buttock region. Polyester is known for being wear resistant and non-stretch when compared to other materials, so the harness does not stretch dangerously out of shape when subjected to a fall, therefore the wearer does not risk slipping out of the harness. • The sternal point is suitable for use with rope or cable grabs. • Ideally positioned sit-strap for extended comfort. • Lateral D-Rings: For attachment with pole straps, to enable the worker to work comfortably, with both hands free. • Padded Belt: Increases support and worker productivity. • The standard harness is a one-size-fits-all covering M – XXL. SUITABLE FOR: Positioning Restraint, Confined space rescue, construction & maintenance, warehouse, roofing work, tower work, elevated platforms and suspension.  

Austlift 915013

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